Business Continuity Services

Our business continuity and risk advisory professionals strategically partner with our clients and provide them pragmatic solutions that will prepare them to excel in the “new normal” while continuing to comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Business continuity planning: Providing consultative services focusing on business continuity helps mitigate a distressed environment and stabilize your business. ​
  • Process redesign in the “new normal”: Analyzing business processes critically (BPI) and recommending their redesign (BPR), we make them more agile and lean, rationalizing key controls without diluting the risk mitigating purposes they serve. We strive to make existing processes more nimble by eliminating inefficiencies and redundant or inefficient controls; use intelligent automation (RPA) to more efficiently and continuously test operational effectiveness of the internal controls; prioritize management’s efforts on higher end controls involving estimates, judgments, transfer of complete and timely information among disparate systems.​
  • Phased-in reentry to the “new normal”: Consulting on the optimization of tasks to be continued remotely and those to be performed in-office helps create a safe, phased-in re-entry to the corporate work site. ​
  • Remote environment roadmap, including cyber risk: Analyzing critical business processes and recommending platforms and procedures for reproducing or enhancing the process and output includes considerations for cyber risk and control activities for mitigating against cyber threats. Our digital workplace strategy development includes collaboration applications, security controls, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and network support.​
  • Cloud migration: Analyzing critical business processes, we recommend cloud resources for stability, reliability, productivity, and security and compliance management. ​
  • Data and analytics tools: Increasing adoption of a wider range of data and analytics tools can position your business for competitive advantage.