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Select a age between 0-24 months old. Go to Youtube and search for this age with the words “Child observation”. Find and watch 30 minuets of Video (you may combine videoe to reach 30minuets. Use the summary at the end of the sections in your book on the first two years (Chap 5,6,7,)as a guide in your observation. You may also observe a child of familymembers or friends or you may select a childcare center that has infants and toddlers.2.Remain as uninvolved as possible during your observation and spend approximatelyone hour observing. Take notes and record as many words, actions, and expressionsthat you can. Be as descriptive as possible; include body movements, facialexpressions, and emotional reactions.3.Immediately after observing, expand what you have in your notes with whatever elseyou remember.