1) How do socio-economic background and income / education / health outcomes correlate in the US?


Your text will be about 700 words in length.

If you work with someone else’s ideas (as we all do), reference where you draw on them. Which reference style you choose is up to you, just make sure you are consistent throughout your text.

A few pointers for your essays:

You write for an audience. Make sure that your essay will be easily accessible for the reader. To that end, use a legible script (Calibri 11, Times New Roman 12, Ariana 10, …). Make sure the line spacing is set to 1.5 or 2. Leave margins, about an inch on the right-hand side, somewhat less (about half an inch) on the left.

When, or rather, before, writing, make sure to give some thought to the structure of your exposition. Keep track of where you are in your argument, so the reader can keep track of your argument more easily.

Make sure to include an introductory paragraph, to lay out the structure of what is to come. For a short paper such as this one, at least give a brief statement of what follows. Wrap your text up with some concluding words. This can be a statement towards the discussion you have presented, and overview of the main aspects and result(s), …