10 Pages Paper Risk Management

You are responsible for risk management and planning for a health care entity. You may use your own entity, or make one up.

Due to governmental edict or management decision, your entity has required full COVID vaccination by all employees. Those employees who are not fully vaccinated by a fixed date  will be terminated on that deadline date. You are faced with the following primary challenges: a. You will have a reduction in staff, as those who refuse to be vaccinated will quit or be terminated; b. You will have to reduce services due to this staffing shortage; exactly where is not yet known (but analyze which ones are the most critical, and what you will need to do to cover this); c. You will have patients in the hospital who will require treatment, and therefore you will need to triage those patients; you will also need to address transfer of some of these patients; d. You will need to address what to do with employees who later become vaccinated and seek re-employment after they become “compliant;” you will also have applicants whose vaccination status you will have to address (some of those may be ADA or other special employment classes); e. There are other risks or challenges not noted here .

m looking for analysis of the problems and development of policies to address the problems. Please consider whether there are any regulatory or legal problems that require a responsive procedure. Do not bog down on the potential liability for the terminations, as that issue is still completely unexplored in the present law. Also, do not worry about compensation or other issues associated with the initial employee terminations. Focus on managing the consequences of the terminations on the quality of medical services and the ability to deliver them