1,000 Word Essay

Submit a research paper on an author of southwest literature. Choose an author from the attached list of authors.

Your paper should have Five sections:

1. Introduction: Introduce your author. Provide a brief bio on the author’s personal and professional life.

2. Explain the importance of the genre of Southwest Literature.

3. Descibe the author’s preferred genre within Southwest Literature (For example: Poetry, mystery, nonfiction, etc). Discuss examples of the author’s work.

4. What is the author’s impact within the world of Southwest Literature? What makes the author’s work stand out?

5. Closing: Closing paragraph(s) on your author’s importance and impact in the world of Southwest Literature.


Authors of American Southwest Literature.docx

The paper must be in APA format (cover page, running heads, page numbers, reference page). Use at least 6 sources. The word count must be at least 1,000. You may include the reference page in the word count.