2 pages Article Notes



Article Notes: The Half-Truth of the First Mover Advantage

-Minimum of 250 words to receive a score greater than 50%

Article notes should be formatted for a professional presentation

-Notes also need to be about the paper

-You need to capture the key points and insights of the paper.  You may include your own perspective or questions that you would like to raise in lecture, but these are in addition to the core of the paper.  If a concept is a bit abstract, then include an example to help make it clearer.

-Quotes from the paper are permitted but be sure to use quotation marks to indicate that the wording is directly from the paper. Include the page that it was drawn from in parenthesis.

Use headings, boldface type (where appropriate), bullets, and descriptions… you should be able to lead a discussion of the article using only your article notes.  Ask yourself… If we wanted to discuss this paper six months from now… are my notes good enough to know what the paper is about, without the need to reference the paper again?