A. Strategic Current and Alternative Implementation Strategy (Remember Chapters 10- 13)–governance polices, current organizational structure and controls, leadership style. a. Action items

Action plan (Here, you will identify implementation strategies discussed in class in addition to identified strategies discussed in class that included: corporate governance, organizational structures and controls: strategic and financial controls, what kind of leadership is being used, and corporate entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic competitiveness as part of the Action items and Action plans).

Conclusion; A conclusion is the last piece of text in your research paper/article, and they will serve to summarize the whole work. The conclusion section must restate your thesis, review the important supporting concepts that you have explored all through work, and provide your last thoughts on the fundamental issue presented throughout the paper. Last but not least, this last piece employs emotive or sensory words to imprint a vivid and enduring picture in the reader’s memory. A strong conclusion will tie together all of your last ideas and important arguments, integrating all relevant facts with an emotional plea to create a finishing statement that will connect with your audience.

Discussion Organizational Behavior And Management PART 2

Respond to at least two response posts made to your classmates.

Your responses should be more than, “I agree.” Find ways to respond to your classmates, though different ideas, including articles that support or challenge and/or videos. Add your own experience and then ask questions that will help them to think further or apply their thoughts to different situations.

Peer 1

Lean management entails identifying and eliminating waste from work processes. Employees are usually involved in this management, where they map out work processes and identify solutions to minimize steps, time, space, and other resources without jeopardizing job objectives. Some aspects of organizational effectiveness were overlooked in various situations, such as when the Sunderland Royal Hospital ignored Human Capital by obtaining ideas from the Nissan factory and not using their own stock knowledge to reduce their time in work processes so that they could spend more time performing surgery on more patients.

Everything in lean management is viewed through the eyes of the client. The hospital did not seek outside advice on how to increase productivity and satisfaction. This will result in less effective growth for the organization than could have been accomplished if consumer input had been included.

Lean management may be difficult to adopt. Most people find change difficult, let alone a large group of people with diverse personalities. It might be difficult to know when and where to revamp an entire workflow within an organization. It is a whole new way of thinking across the organization, and it will be difficult to achieve consensus.


McLaughlin, Emily. “What Is Lean Management.” SearchCIO, TechTarget, 26 Aug. 2019,

Peer 2

I have never heard of lean management before, so it was interesting reading about and getting my first opinion about this practice. I can see lean management as an effective way to reduce wasteful activities. This will allow your workflow to be focused and allow for more value to be brought in. It can also improve one’s productivity and efficiency. “These major benefits work together to create a company that is more flexible and can address customer requirements in an improved and faster manner” (McLaughlin). Lean management can help a company be more flexible and can address customers faster, but I think that is when they ignore organizational effectiveness. In the case study that was talked about in the book, the hospital staff was looking to cut down the wait time and get patients in and out faster. This feels like they are helping the patients, so they don’t have to be in the waiting room for three hours, but does this make the patients feel rushed and pushed out the door and don’t feel like they had personal care. At the end of the day, their patients are their customers and they need to make sure that the customers are feeling heard and taken care of. If their focus is cutting down on the waiting time will customers feel like the personal care aspect is gone and feel rushed with their whole experience?

I think what happens with lean management is to cut down on some things there are going to be negatives effects in other areas. Lean management is about changing what a company normally does and for some people that is hard because change is hard. At the same time, however, every business should not use lean management and should do their research and figure out if lean management is right for the company. I think businesses that focus on delivering to customers should not use lean management. Lean management is about reducing wasteful activities which also means having a smaller error margin. As we know deliveries get delayed due to unpredictable circumstances like weather or a crash and those are things that lean management wouldn’t be effective in. If it is a delivery company shipping out supplies and the supplies are late the company might not have enough raw materials to meet the customer’s demand and it will lead to late deliveries. Lean management is about better using the resources the company has and not wasting them. I think lean management is also about consistency and if the business is consistent then it makes sense to only use the resources that the company needs. As for a delivery company that needs extra resources that might seem wasteful is important because deliveries are not consistent and may take longer than expected.

McLaughlin, E. (2019, August 26). What is Lean Management. SearchCIO. Retrieved March 22, 2022, from (Links to an external site.)

Lawal, A.K., Rotter, T., Kinsman, L. et al. Lean management in health care: definition, concepts, methodology and effects reported (systematic review protocol). Syst Rev 3, 103 (2014).

What Are Some Common Performance Issues? What Is HR’s Role In Handling These Issues?

What are some common performance issues? What is HR’s role in handling these issues?

Exercise Instructions: You are required to submit a 2-Page (Title Page and Content Page), APA formatted paper with substantial content. Substantial content requires staying on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. The deliverable length of your posting responses must be at least 2-pages, (Title Page and Content Page) APA format.

Exercises must be the students original thoughts based on the topics from the “Open Educational Resource” (OER) Course Textbook and/or other referenced sources. Direct quotes from references must be less than 20 words. Please review for sentence structure, grammar and punctuation errors. Plagiarized submissions may result in a “0” for the submission.

Late submissions will be deducted 5 points.

All assignment(s) derive from the OER Textbook. For academic purposes, at least 1 APA formatted reference is required pertaining to the topic(s).

Management Theory Proc Week10

“Business school professor Amy Edmondson studies “teaming,” where people come together quickly (and often temporarily) to solve new, urgent or unusual problems. Recalling stories of teamwork on the fly, such as the incredible rescue of 33 miners trapped half a mile underground in Chile in 2010, Edmondson shares the elements needed to turn a group of strangers into a quick-thinking team that can nimbly respond to challenges” TED Salon Description.

Watch her TED talk

1) What atributes can you identify in the examples of teams she gave (Using Table 9.3 pg 418)

2) In the Chile mine example what roles did different members of the team play?

3) What critical skills can you identify.

The discussion board is a significant component of your grade. The discussion board is used to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts learned in the text and to reflect on and discuss the material with your classmates. Please make sure you tie the concepts learned each week and throughout the course to support your discussion board posts. The weekly recaps, found on the announcement tab, will be posted at the end of each week. Within the recaps, you will find examples of strong discussion board posts where students did an excellent job answering the questions and supporting their views. Please use these examples to gauge how your posts can be improved each week.
Additionally, your secondary posts to your classmates should further the discussion and include concepts learned from the text. A response of “I agree”, “ditto”, or “I disagree” are not acceptable without further clarification. To be clear, your primary and secondary post analysis must be thoughtful, well-reasoned and detailed. Respect of each other and of varying viewpoints is always expected. PLEASE BE MINDFUL TO REVIEW THE DISCUSSION BOARD RUBRIC LOCATED IN THE SYLLABUS.YOUR PRIMAY POST IS DUE BY THURSDAY at 11:59PM. YOUR SECONDAY POSTS ARE DUE BY SUNDAY AT 11:59PM. Write as though you are in a business setting. Be mindful of your choice of language, grammar, and content. When citing data, research, or original ideas, you must cite the source (using the APA method). Please remember that plagiarism is defined as the theft or “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.” ( )Please check the “Announcements” tab each week to review my comments related to the discussion board posts and replies. Please follow the instructions for the discussion board as outlined in the syllabus.

IP – Population, Analysis, And Measurement – Narrative 1,000–1,500-Word

The required information for this Individual Project includes the following:


Brief overview of your project and what the proposal is going to consist of
Purpose of your research and why it is exciting and worth pursuing
Purpose of the Study

One research question
Hypothesis or statement of the problem regarding the research question
Your rationale for selecting your proposed research methodology

Research strategy that you will use to explore the problem
Method for securing the sample population
Method for delivery of the survey questions, or indicate whether interviews will be conducted
Explanation of any biases or ethical considerations and what you will do to limit their impact on your research

Why your research project is valuable
How your research is connected to your major goals and your future research interest
A time line in chronological order of your research activities from start through completion

Current Event

CURRENT EVENT #4: Monetary Policy Discuss the current measures taken by the Fed to reduce interest rates to near zero. Current Event Essays must be a minimum of two (2) FULL pages double spaced. In addition to the two written pages your current event essays must be accompanied by a separate title page including your name, date, professor’s name and current event title. You must also attach a separate works cited page using a minimum of three outside sources. You must cite these sources using MLA format within the body of your work.

Geography Exam – Latin America And North America

1. Which of the following statements about Southern South America is true?

A. The Argentine economy was devastated by the end of 2001 due to multiple factors.

B. Uruguay has the lowest level of urbanization of any mainland Latin American country.

C. Paraguay is the smallest country of the subregion.

D. Influence of Roman Catholicism has sharply declined in Argentina.

2. In Mexico, the expression Porfiriato refers to

A. the oppressive rule of Porfirio Diaz.

B. any kind of authoritarian political oppression.

C. the end of the political dominance of the PRI in July 2000.

D. the revolution of 1911 that overthrew Diaz.

3. _______ is one of the first Latin American countries to have a separate ministry of tourism with

dedicated funds within its federal governmental structure.

A. Guatemala

B. Chile

C. Paraguay

D. Mexico

4. Which of the following states is considered part of the Corn Belt?

A. Oregon

B. Texas

C. Alabama

D. Iowa

5. Immigration currently accounts for about _______ of U.S. population growth.

A. three-quarters

B. one-half

C. one-third

D. a quarter

6. In the post-industrial era, an edge city is a/an

A. large suburban development mainly occupied by commuters.

B. complex of warehouses, shopping malls, and offices located along traffic routes.

C. merger of several residential suburbs into one entity.

D. urbanized development that is an extension of a megalopolis.

7. In Brazil, the indigenous population was around 3.5 million before the arrival of Europeans. Today, the

indigenous population is around

A. 200,000.

B. 500,000.

C. 1.5 million.

D. 2 million.

8. Regarding tropical rainforests, the term evapotranspiration refers to the fact that

A. deforestation causes a decline in atmospheric oxygen.

B. trees absorb carbon dioxide and “exhale” oxygen.

C. the humidity of rain forests can produce local and regional precipitation.

D. deforestation causes a loss of soil fertility due to water evaporation.

9. Which of the following statements about the physical geography of North America is true?

A. The largest tributary of the Mississippi is the Arkansas River.

B. The ancient rock of the Canadian Shield covers about one-fourth of Canada.

C. The most geologically active region of North America is found along the West Coast.

D. The Mississippi drainage basin is the fifth largest in the world.

10. Exports of tin and silver were the mainstays of the _______ economy for many decades. However,

today, as the market for tin has declined, the country has become an exporter of other metallic ores, such

as gold.

A. Peruvian

B. Ecuadorian

C. Bolivian

D. Colombian

11. In the 1950s, 40 percent of the U.S. workforce was engaged in manufacturing. By the 2000s, fewer

than ________ percent of U.S. workers were employed in manufacturing.

A. 15

B. 1

C. 5

D. 7

12. Which of the following is the primary aim of the Parti Québécois?

A. Garnering higher income from the operation of the St. Lawrence Seaway

B. Secession from Canada in order to become a Department of France

C. Establishing Quebec as an independent country

D. Improving economic opportunities for French-speaking Canadians

13. Significant settlement in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta

A. occurred only after World War II.

B. was a response to the world demand for wheat in the early twentieth century.

C. followed the completion of Canada’s transcontinental railways.

D. occurred only as major highways were built across Canada.

14. Which of the following is not a leading urban center in Venezuela?

A. Valencia

B. Caracas

C. Salvador

D. Maracaibo

15. Which of the following were the main proponents of NAFTA?

A. Human rights groups

B. Large corporations

C. Environmentalists

D. Labor unions

16. Which of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces has jurisdiction over mainly uninhabited Labrador?

A. New Brunswick

B. Nova Scotia

C. Newfoundland

D. Prince Edward Island

17. To avoid risks associated with tornadoes, lightning, and hurricanes, in the United States you should

steer clear of

A. Minnesota.

B. Florida.

C. Pennsylvania.

D. Nevada.

18. The _______ were responsible for the forced migration of more people from Africa than any other

colonial power.

A. Dutch

B. British

C. Portuguese

D. Spanish

19. _______ refers to a series of vertical zones with distinctive climate and vegetation regimes.

A. Sedimentation

B. Temperature inversions

End of exam

C. Urban expanses

D. Altitudinal zonation

20. Which of the following is the primary subsistence crop in Latin America?

A. Wheat

B. Beans

C. Potatoes

D. Corn

Lin Company. Had $500,000 Net Income In 2013. On January 1, 2013 There Were 200,000 Shares Of Common Stock Outstanding.

Lin Company. had $500,000 net income in 2013. On January 1, 2013 there were 200,000 shares of common stock outstanding. On April 1, 20,000 shares were issued and on September 1, Lin bought 30,000 shares of treasury stock. There are 30,000 options to buy common stock at $40 a share outstanding. The market price of the common stock averaged $50 during 2013. The tax rate is 40%.

During 2013, there were 40,000 shares of noncumulative, nonparticipating preferred stock outstanding. The preferred is $100 par, and paid a 3.5% dividend in 2013.

Lin issued $2,000,000 of 8% convertible bonds at face value during 2012. Each $1,000 bond is convertible into 30 shares of common stock.

Instructions (show your work):

(i). Compute basic and diluted earnings per share for 2013.

(ii) How would your answer to part i differ if the preferred stock was cumulative and no dividend was paid in 2013?

(iii) Independent of ii, how would your answer to part i differ if the preferred stock was convertible where each preferred share could be converted into 3 common stock shares? Be sure to show computations.

What Are Main Elements In Calculating The Cost Of Capital?

What are main elements in calculating the cost of capital? How does an increase in debt affect it? How do you identify an organization’s optimal cost of capital?

Week 4: Responsibility and Participation

Consider this scenario: A woman walks home from a bus stop each night. Normally, she secures her purse in her backpack, but this night she forgets to do so. The purse hanging from her arm is snatched by a thief who has been active in the neighborhood. To say the robbery was the victim’s fault would be considered victim blaming—after all, it is not unreasonable to expect to safely carry a purse in public, and it is the thief who chose to commit the crime. Still, how can one consider the role of the victim without wrongly assigning blame to that victim?

Another victim role is participation in the judicial process to influence an outcome, perhaps through a victim impact statement. Or the victim may be called upon to participate in ways that align with the prosecution or defense.

This week you address two important issues, victim responsibility and victim participation. You explore how victims can change their behaviors to avoid becoming victimized. Also, you examine the effect that victim participation can carry within the criminal justice system.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

Analyze opportunity for crime and criminals

Distinguish between criminal opportunity, victim responsibility, and victim blaming

Apply strategies for avoiding victimization

Analyze the effect of victim participation in the judicial process

Analyze the effect of victim impact statements on sentencing


Discussion: Responsibility

Reflect on this week’s introduction and the theories covered in Week 3. Now, imagine that you are a law enforcement professional given the task of speaking to a community group about how to minimize the risk of becoming the victim of a crime increase in that community. Your goal in this Discussion is to detail some strategies that members of your community can take to reduce criminal opportunity. However, one important goal is to not inspire victim blaming in your community or to stray into aspects of victim blaming yourself.

To prepare:

Imagine that you are a law enforcement officer tasked with addressing your community about an increase in a type of crime. Your instructor will assign you to one of the following crime types:

Burglary during the summer months

Online identify theft

Aggravated assault near subway stops

Reflect on how you would address and educate your audience about the criminal opportunity that has been presented due to certain actions in the community.

Post a response to the following, written as if your audience is your community:

Explain how victims in your community may contribute to opportunity for the crime type you were assigned.

Explain how this relates to the concept of victim responsibility but differs from victim blaming.

Support your explanations by referencing this week’s learning resources and explaining how certain concepts related to victim and offender responsibility apply.

Provide one strategy to avoid victim blaming while still explaining how to avoid creating opportunity for criminal activity.