25742 Financial Management Autumn 2021 Financial News Report

25742 Financial Management

Autumn 2021 Financial News Report


You have recently been appointed to the position of Operational Risk Manager and report to the Head Goblin of Wizarding World Financial Services. One of your tasks is to give a short power point presentation on current operational risk issues at the upcoming monthly executive team meeting. You have been requested to present on two topics:


  • Part 1. Analyse an ethical issue that has recently been reported in the financial news. (The issue is to be no earlier than October 2020) Your objective is to demonstrate the prescriptive approach to ethical decision making to the executives of Wizarding World Financial Services, which will help them recognise and correct ethical breaches in their own departments.
  • Part 2. Wizarding World Financial Services is currently one of the few listed Australian companies that does not publish an annual corporate sustainability report. Since sustainability reporting is voluntary, none of the executive team members believe Wizarding World needs to produce one, The Head Goblin wants you to convince the Wizarding World Financial Services executives that they should produce a sustainability report.


Corporate Ethics News

This section of your presentation should be based on a recent financial news article. The article you choose should highlight an ethical issue faced by an Australian or foreign company. Your analysis of the issue should follow the first 5 steps of the prescriptive approach outlined by Trevino and Nelson. Make sure to reference your article properly in your slide presentation


Corporate Sustainability Reporting

This section of your presentation should do four things:

  1. Describe a corporate sustainability report and explain its purpose.
  2. Briefly analyse an example of a corporate sustainability report.
  3. Explain the benefits of publishing a corporate sustainability report.
  4. Highlight the important issues in corporate sustainability reporting.

You will find some reference material (academic papers and industry reports) on sustainability reporting included with the assignment instructions, but you may use any reference material you like. Remember to properly reference all the sources you use in your slide presentation.



Your submission should consist of the following:

  1. A printed cover page, containing your name and student ID (download the form from Canvas) {completed form to be uploaded to canvas}
  2. A video of your power point presentation (either a video of you delivering the presentation or a screen recording of the presentation) {completed file to be uploaded to canvas}

The maximum length of the video is 5 minutes (corporate executives are very busy people) The maximum file-size for the video submission is 500MB