3 Essay Questions On Spotify. Management. 300-600 Words.

Question 1: What is Spotify’s business-level strategy?
–  What is their intended strategy? (The strategy they intended to use from the beginning.)
–  Did they develop any non-realized or emergent strategies? (Strategies that they had to unexpectedly create but did not originally intend to.)
–  Do they have any competitive advantage over their competition? (cost, uniqueness, etc.)
–  Are there any disruptive technologies? If so, what are they and how should the company react?
–  Does Spotify implement a cost leadership or differentiation strategy?

Question 2: Five Forces Analysis (technique for understanding an industry, by examining the following)
–  Competitors in an industry
–  Potential new entrants to the industry
–  Substitutes for the industry’s offering
–  Suppliers to the industry
–  Industry’s buyers

The purpose of a five forces analysis is to identify how much profit potential exists in an industry.

Question 3: Organization (how the company is organized)
–  Simple structure or functional structure or multidivisional structure or matrix structure
–  Which of those organizational structures does Spotify use? Go into detail explaining it.
–  Has Spotify used the same organizational structure the entire time? Did they ever change their organizational structure? Or just simplify it?
–  Output control or behavioral control or clan control? Which of these organizational control systems does Spotify use and go into detail explaining.

300-600 words per response. The content from these questions will be implemented into an essay, so please answer the questions in essay format.