5-2 Career Assessment Report: Draft One Screenshots Uploaded To Help Answer Questions

A. State the purpose of the assessment report.

i. What is the end goal of this assessment report?

  1. Summarize your client. Your summary of the client should include the following when appropriate:
    1. Age(this all in the demo file uploaded)1-11 client is me!!
    2. Disability
    3. Religion
    4. Social class
    5. Sexual orientation
    6. Indigenous background
    7. National origin
    8. Gender identity
    9. Demographic information
    10. Past/current occupation
    11. Education status
  2. Address what career counseling theory(MAAPP)you used while working with your client. Why was this theory most appropriate?
  3. Address whether this is the same career counseling theory you personally identify with while participating in career counseling.

i. Did the theory change while working with this particular client? Why or why not?

II. Assessment Review

  1. Discuss why the assessments that were used (both personality and career assessments) were appropriate for this particular client.
  2. Discuss any concerns you may have regarding validity and reliability of the assessments chosen.

i. Do you have any reason to believe that the results are not valid for this individual?
C. Discuss any multicultural implications that could impact the results of the career assessments.

i. While working with your client, are there any multicultural implications that need to be addressed? III. Assessment Administration

page2image2689311808 mapp was completed for career counseling and 16 personalities attached are the results 

A. Address any considerations that occurred when administering the assessments.
i. Concerns may include educational level of the client, time required to administer assessments, or interr tions or distractions.

Guidelines for Submission: Your career assessment report should be a minimum of 3 pages in length and uses the sections in the prompt as the structure and format. Use APA formatting: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Each heading should be

supported with current literature and the resources included in this course. Make sure to include all documented changes from your drafts using track changes. If you do not use track changes, your instructor will ask you to resubmit your paper.