5 Effective Strategies To Relieve Stress For Students Enrolled In Online Learning Programs.

I need you to do the Abstract part and fix the Conclusion. Please text me if you need anything.

1.      Abstract

a.      Entered on page 2

b.      Summary of the whole paper

c.      One (single) paragraph; unique: not indented

d.      It has betw/ 150 to 250 words

e.      Keywords:

·        One word

·        Enter the Keywords on a new line

·        Indent & Italics the word Keywords; followed by “:”

·        Example: Keywords: word1, words2, etc….

·        Five (5) keywords

f.       Subsections of the Abstract:

* Background Information on the Problem

* The Objective of the Study

* Method Used

* Interpretation of the Results

* Conclusion & Recommendations for Future Research

2. Formulate the Conclusion section of your selected topic.

This section should contain conclusive statements and recommendations for future research.

NOTE:  I attached the tips to do the conclusion and my entire research paper, I back together to you to see how it looks.