6 Pages Questions Paper

Question 1:

Provide detailed assessment for the following and support your responses with some numerical examples:

● What is the F probability distribution? In what way does it differ from a t probability distribution?

● In an ANOVA, what is between group difference and what is within group difference?

● What is covariance and how does it differ from correlation?

Question 2:(1 page, 2 reference)

Use the article you chose in the Week 2 Discussion to discuss the study’s significance to the research field and related professional practice:

● The main contribution of the author to the field of study and generalizability of the research findings

●  The value of the study for the related professional practice and the social impact of the research

In addition to the textbook, include a minimum of two (2) scholarly references and cite them within the text of your discussion.

Respond to at least one peer enhancing the collaborative learning environment.

Use this article:

Cerulli, R., Dameri, R., P. & Sciomachen, P. (2018). Operations management in distribution networks within a smart city frame. IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, 29, 189-205. doi:10.1093/imaman/dpw024

Question 3: (2 pages, 2 reference)

Complete the following section of your final paper:

Significance of the study: (How US universities could recruit more international students)

● Justify the expected significance of the proposed study by delineating its potential contribution to the field relevant to your research, professional practice, and the social impact of your research.

Note: you should use non-confirmatory language, such as:

The potential findings of my study might lead to a better understanding of outsourcing.”

“The evaluation of employee attitudes could help improve company production.”

Question 4:(1 page, 1 reference)

●      Select a TED Talk video relevant to the business course you are currently enrolled in and/or your internship assignment.
●      Describe what information you agree with and the parts you liked or disliked in the video content.
●      Summarize it and include the URL reference.