75-100 Word Feedback

I completely agree that it is the responsibility of the college student to speak and write correctly. Even if you are like me and have not been in school in over a decade,  you have the tools to at least be able to write correctly. When you have written something out for an assignment, and you go back through and proofread, you should be able to identify at least small grammatical errors in your writing. At this point in our lives whether that’s age or time away from school, the professor should not be the one teaching you how to write correctly. Giving tips, tricks, or helpful hints as to where you had errors is one thing entirely different though. This is a personal opinion and others may feel differently and that’s okay. As a college student, it is our responsibility to write in a manner that is easily read and understood. The professor shouldn’t have to teach us at this level but rather grade us on our errors and tell us where we had mistakes so we can fix them in the future. Personally, I know that I am not the best writer, especially after reading some of the other student’s posts in this class, but I try my best and I use the tools and sources that the school provides me to make myself better.

Speaking properly ties in hand in hand with college writing. Again, as an adult, you need to be able to speak in a way that people can understand the point you’re trying to make.