A Report That Related LCOE/IRR/Sensitivity Analysis/NPV/WACC/Key Risks

Energy calculation topic report, this is too hard for me, please help me out, and also explain it to me how did you make it.

1. please make sure you check those pics and understand all the requirements and are able to do it.

2. make sure that you know what is LCOE/IRR/Sensitivity analysis/NPV/WACC/Key risks/Energy unit conversion / risks analysis/capacity factor/ also make sure that you have an energy class experience

3. reported not just about writing, more important is the calculation, decision making, and evaluation.

4. an excel document is needed, for supporting this report..

5. you have to start it right away, if you can’t finish it in 12 hours please ignore this.

6. paper should be more than 8 pages

7, “READ THROUGHT the requirement in the attachment BEFORE YOU WANT TO DO IT “! it’s hard as fuck, make sure you can do it confidently.

Requirements: 8 pages