1. Company Description
    • Select a company to develop a marketing plan for. You could also develop a plan for a company that you want to start.
    • Highlight the company’s recent history (1-5 years), successes and challenges of the organization. For a fictitious company explain what the company hopes to accomplish and what challenges may arise.
  2. Strategic Focus and Plan
    • This section details the strategic direction for the entire organization which will inform the strategic direction of the company’s marketing program.
    • Include the mission and vision statements
    • Identify a minimum of three corporate (or business unit) strategic goals
    • Identify the company’s core competency and sustainable competitive advantage.
  3. Reflection on the marketing concept. (500 words)
    • At the end of your assignment, reflect on the marketing concept in comparison to more traditional approaches to conducting business.
    • How does a company’s strategic goals impact the marketing function?
    • How does the marketing function create value for customers?