Accounting Questions

Topic 1: 150-175 words with references

Other Accounting Information Systems Applications (Attached)

Business Process & Information Technology

Access these chapters to learn more about eBusiness and Business Intelligence.

· Chapter 4: eBusiness

· Chapter 5: Business Intelligence


Based upon the material covered from the readings and/or videos from Week 4, highlight the three most important concepts you learned this week and how each of these concepts will help you in appreciating the power of AIS. Be sure to include examples in your postings. NOTE: You should first identify the concepts that you learned and then describe how they increased your appreciation and understanding of AIS.

Topic 2: 150-175words with references

You have been asked by the CFO of your firm to look at ways to improve your key accounting operations (billing, A/R, and A/P). Recommend a best practice for one of these functions, explaining how your best practice will improve your firm’s operations as well as any potential challenges regarding implementing your best practice.

Topic 3: 200-250 words (2 paragraphs, 5 sentences each)

Create a document that is two paragraphs long with 5 sentences in each paragraph on what was learned based on the material below. This document should be at least two paragraphs (which is to be comprised of at least 5 sentences) as you summarize your work, ask questions, and consider key topics.


Roger FAR – See Below

Intro to Financial Accounting – Chapter 10 – Appendix 1 Roger CPA Review: FAR  Bonds & Present Value Tables Bond Terminology Present Value Tables: Time Value of Money Issuance of Bonds: Journal Entry Bond Retirement Bonds with Detachable Warrants Bonds under IFRS