Topic: Comparison of various aspects of consolidation among different countries and IFRS


1.   The result of the study should be at least 10 pages (double spaced), excluding charts, graphs, or any other supporting schedules.  The paper is expected to be supported by charts, graphs, and or any other techniques that best explain to a reader.  It is strongly expected to devote a small portion of your paper indicating your experience with this project (the positive and negative aspects of working on the project). An executive summary of the paper should be prepared and submit.

2. .  You are expected to include recent Statement, Exposure Draft, or new development by FASB, SEC, IFRB, etc. on the selected subject in your study.  Before starting your work contact your professor and get his approval of the topic as well as some guidelines in each area.

3. The written report (minimum 10 pages) should be typed (double space) and be carefully organized and submitted as an attachment to your email.   An executive summary is compulsory and the report can include tables, charts, graphs, appendices, and bibliography in addition to the minimum of 10-page report.