Administration And Supervision In CRJU – Professor Question 5

Required Textbook: Managing Criminal Justice Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, by Richard R.E. Kania and Richards P. Davis.

Professor Question 5

(1) Why is decision-making in the public sector often deemed more difficult than decision-making in the  private sector by some decision-makers? (discuss/explain/give examples)

(2) What are the problems associated with cost-benefit analysis? (discuss/explain/give examples)

(3)  What makes change difficult for some organizations and easy for others? (discuss/explain/give examples)

(4) Is Affirmative Action necessary, or not? (discuss/explain/give examples)

(5) Why do you think so many Americans are opposed to Affirmative Action?  (discuss/explain/give examples)

(6) What factors make for high employee turnover in an organization? (discuss/explain/give examples)