Aging PowerPoint

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Select a topic that interests you regarding Aging or Older Adulthood (for example: Gender norms in older adulthood, Stereotypes that older adults face, changes in older adult roles, technological or medical advancements, Comparing parenting ‘East and West’, Health, STD/STI, Mental health challenges for Older Adults)
Review the below rubric
You video must have a clear outline and goal
Your video should be between 2-3 minutes and must not exceed 3 minutes
Must list 2 academic sources
Be creative
Record your videos with your desired device (webcam, smartphone, etc.). You will need to set up a Youtube account. Once you have created your video and set up your account, upload it to YouTube and submit the video link to this assignment.

Important: Make sure your link is working and viewable. Log out of your account and double-check that it is accessible, or send it to a friend to see if they can open it.

Review the websites provided below to assist with your assignment: