“Alex Sander” Case

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“Alex Sander” Case

Papers are to be two, single-spaced pages in length. Using class material to support your responses will earn you the most points. Each of the following questions is worth 10 points. Please address the following:
1. Which behaviors by Alex are having the greatest impact on the 360-degree feedback provided by co-workers? Which of these behaviors would most influence Alex’s effectiveness (positively or negatively) as a leader?
2. What does the 360 data tell us about Alex’s likely career success at Landon? If you were Sam Glass, would you invest more time helping Sander progress within the company?
3. With your current understanding of the Fundamental Five roles of leadership, comment on how effective Alex is with each role. Provide support for your responses.
4. How well would you like working with a person like Alex as a team mate? As a boss? As a direct report? Why?
5. Though gender was not disclosed in the case, Alex is a woman. How does knowing her gender change, or not change, your responses to the earlier questions?