AMA Statement Of Ethics

Read the AMA Statement of Ethics. The code identifies six “ethical values” – honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency, and citizenship.

Provide an example from any organization to illustrate the application of one sub-point found under each of the ethical values. You can use different organizations to illustrate each one of the values or use the same organization to illustrate all of the values – it’s up to you. For example, under the ethical value of “Honesty,” one point is “We will stand behind our products if they fail to deliver their claimed benefits.” An example of this ethical value in practice is the National Home Warranty Program for new home buyers. Within the first five years, they will repair major structural defects if the new home was built by one of the builders who belongs to this program. This is an ethical practice because it ensures the value of honesty is upheld and because it ensures the homes offer value and durability.

(I made the connection between the code, industry practice, and the theory learned in the course. You need only provide one example in practice for each major value indicated, not for every sub-point under each value. )

Marking Criteria

Below please find the marking criteria:

1. Proper report format. Papers must be typed, double-spaced (or 1.5 line spaced), and complete with pages numbers, title page, and headings.

2. Completeness and appropriateness of examples. Be specific with your examples rather than too general. Name the organization, provide the specific example of the value in practice, and indicate how it is communicated to customers.

3. Draw a concluding sentence for each section indicating how the example exemplifies the value. Connect the practice with some of the theory learned in the course.

4. Use proper citation. Be sure to use proper format to cite your material – both the material taken from our textbook and material gained from your research, like company web pages. Use one of the following methods of citation: MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, Council of Biology Editors.

Word Count: 1000-1500