MKT 3210W Summer II 2021


Amazon’s Private-Label Push: Answer Form



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Grading Criteria

1) This assignment requires formal business writing. Your writing tone should be formal.

2) All sentences must be complete. Bullet points are not acceptable.

3) Use proper grammar.

4) You must use your own words in your answers. Do not copy and paste sentences from the assigned articles.

5) The majority of your grade will be based on correctness and quality. Regarding quality, an answer with fewer than four (4) lines on computer viewing (not on smartphone viewing) will be considered as a poor-quality answer.


Q1) Why is Amazon pushing national-brand manufacturers to develop private-label brands for Amazon? [You are expected to integrate relevant Ch. 12 content into your answer to this question.]



Q2) From the national-brand manufacturers’ perspective, what are the benefits of becoming a private-label manufacturer for Amazon?




Q3) What are the drawbacks or challenges for national-brand manufacturers when they develop and launch private-label brands for Amazon? [You need to mention at least three (3) drawbacks or challenges to receive full credit.]



Q4) (a) What are the characteristics of CRaP products? (b) Why do you think Amazon is focusing intently on the bottom line (as opposed to the top line) of its retail business these days?





Q5) How are Amazon’s vendors improving the profitability of their products for Amazon?