America And The Free Market


Does the US have a Genuine Free Market Economy?


The essay should contain whenever possible (and recognizing the multidisciplinary nature of some topics) solid economic analysis.  Try to use economic references (economic articles) and do not rely solely on business articles.  A good source for economic references for articles is the Journal of Economic Literature or its electronic index – ECONLIT.  I would also recommend a) the use of books and b) avoiding internet advocacy sources.  All sources have to be cited in the body of the paper (e.g., Smith, 1776).  The paper also has to include a bibliography and all references should include the author’s name, title (if published in a journal then the journal’s name, if published in a book then the publishing house’s name) and date of publication.  The paper should be typed using 14 font (Arial) double spaced and its length should be approximately 2500 – 3000 words.  The pages should be numbered.