American History 1700

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Prompt 1

One of the most notable movements of the 1920’s was the rise of the “Nativist Movement” which was mainly anti-immigrant and led to a series of acts that restricted immigration. The first document is an analysis of the Dillingham Commission Report which outlined which immigrants were most desirable and those that should not be permitted to enter the country. The remaining documents are the Immigration Act of 1924 and a reactions to this type of restrictive legislation. As you read the documents consider how they played a role in the rise of racism in America.

Boundaries of Restriction: The Dillingham Commission 1994; John Lund (Links to an external site.)

Immigration Restriction Act of 1924 (Links to an external site.)

Immigration Restriction 1928; John Box (Links to an external site.)

Immigration Restriction 1929; Ernesto Galarza (Links to an external site.)

1. Did the findings of the Dillingham Commission influence the stipulations of the Immigration Restriction Act of 1924? If so what is the evidence?

2. Who presents the better argument regarding Mexican immigration; Box or Galarza? Present evidence from the documents and text if applicable.

Prompt 2

American entry into World War I reversed the long-standing, unofficial policy of political isolationism espoused by George Washington. The first document is Woodrow Wilson’s War Address and the second is an anti-war speech delivered by Robert La Follette. As you view the speeches determine what is the point of view of each speaker and the validity of their argument.

Woodrow Wilson War Message 1917 (Links to an external site.)

Anti-War Speech 1917, Rober La Follette (Links to an external site.)

1. Outline Wilson’s case for the war against Germany. Are his points valid and what is the evidence?

2. How does La Follette counter Wilson’s position and is his argument valid? If so, what is the evidence?

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