American Women In World War 2

Powerpoint presentation on American Women in world war 2

I. History of the topic –must be at least 4 slides

II. Why did YOU choose this topic?—Must be at least 4 slides

III. What was the significance of this topic in US History?–Must be at least 4 slides

IV. Creativity, pictures, video, etc. The more creative you are, the higher the points in this section. If you post only text or bland slides, you will receive zero points.

V. Citation page ( embedded citations will not suffice)You must have at least 4 sources I will be checking the sources (1 page)

VI. Length of presentation-it must be at least 15 -20 pages, EXCLUDINGCitation page. If it is 15  or more, you will receive points. If it is less than 10, it will be a zero.