Analysing Language Teaching (Master)

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Please need that there is additional information on how to access Assignment Videos on the second page of this document



EDUC 5932M Analysing Language Teaching (15 credits)

Module Leader: Dr Harry Kuchah


Participants are required to submit a 3000-word assignment (worth 100% of the assessment), illuminating the way learning is scaffolded in a recorded English language lesson.


  1. Select a specific area of interest from the topics covered in the EDUC 5932 module.
  2. Select one of the video recordings from the International House set on VideoLeeds/Education Channel or from the ‘Additional Assignment Videos’ list below and identify a single stage of the lesson, probably a 5-10 minute continuous
  3. Analyse this stage in the recording, with regard to the topic area you have selected.


Please your assignment should follow this structure:


  • A brief introduction, describing a school context you are familiar with and setting out the aim of your assignment with an indication of how the discussions might be relevant to your context.
  • A critical discussion of concepts related to the topic area you have selected, drawing on modular and wider literature;
  • A very brief overview of the selected lesson indicating its learning aims and task structure in order to contextualise the selected stage;
  • A description and analysis of the selected stage with regard to the ideas developed in the earlier discussion; this should include a critical discussion of how the activities in selected stage might be adapted to, or integrated into your context.
  • A brief conclusion indicating what you have learned from this assignment;


  • References list (Harvard or LeedsUniHarvard style);
  • Appendices (e.g. plan of the selected stage).












Accessing VideoLeeds


  • Google: VideoLeeds or click here
  • Sign in as a Guest – very important
  • Click on Content
  • Click on Browse all Channels
  • Scroll down to Education
  • Go to pages 7 and 8 – you will find 15 videos on ELT



Additional Assignment Videos


English lesson on shopping with Pre-intermediate students:


English language classroom: conversation class:


English Teacher Development Films: Lesson 2 (Who am I?):


English Teacher Development Films: Lesson 3 (Those Colorful Days):


English Teacher Development Films: Lesson 4 (Have your Garden):


Laura’s Lesson on speaking: