Analysis Of Case Study Paper

Requirement of 11 pages at least.

Outline of Paper:

1) What are the primary objectives and intended outcomes – the presenting issues?  What are some additional issues that need to be addressed – the underlying issues?

2) Entry & Contracting:  Assess the entry and contracting process with the client – the pros and cons.

3) Data Collection:  What data collection methods were used?  What are the pros and cons of these data collection methods?  What other data needs to be collected and what methods are most appropriate to collect it?

4) Data Analysis:  Summarize the important findings based on the data collected.  Use the qualitative method of developing the primary themes with supporting evidence from the data.  Also use either the Burke-Litwin model or the Weisbord model of organization development to thoroughly analyze the data.

5) Recommendations:  Identify possible organization development interventions as a result of your data analysis.  Methodically assess the pros and cons of your proposed interventions.

6) Lessons Learned:  Based on course concepts, what are the primary leadership/organization development lessons that you learned as a result of analyzing this case?

I have provided the case study also all information must come from the powerpoint shared and needs to be cited.