Annotated Bibliography

This week, you will submit an annotated bibliography for two (2) of your sources for the final project paper. Both sources should be scholarly and from the Library. Go ahead and read the instructions for upcoming assignments so you will have a good idea of sources you might need.

Each source (listed in alphabetical order) should have a complete Works Cited or References entry for the citation style you are using, as well as an annotation, which should be a paragraph or two summarizing and evaluating the article.  Information about the author’s credentials and publisher’s credibility may be included. Value of the sources to the final project paper should be part of the annotation. (Summaries/evaluations under one hundred words each will be considered under-developed.)

Write in third person only. It’s a good idea to include a signal phrase, direct quote or paraphrase, and a parenthetical citation within each summary.

To format your Works Cited or References entries, you may use the library cite button discussed in the week four Lessons. Include the article’s web link (the https address—not just the doi) at the end of your Works Cited entry. Just copy and paste it from your web browser, if it is not already included. Examples are shown in the attached Template (which you will download) and Sample (which is attached to show you an example of what a good submission looks like).

Submit your assignment as a Word document attached to the assignment link so it can be automatically processed through Turnitin.