Applied Distributed Systems Assignment 3




COIT13229 Applied Distributed Systems    

                          Assignment 3 – Report      


Due date:

Weighting:                  35%

       Length:                      2500 words                                                                                                  3



This assessment item is designed to test your understanding on the techniques for creating a secure, reliable and efficient distributed system. It should also address the emergent technologies and the social impact arising from the ubiquitous nature of the distributed systems.

Assessment task 

Your task for this assignment is to write a technical report defining some of the theoretical aspects you have learnt discussing the security, scalability and dependability of the modern distributed systems. The report should also address the relevance of these attributes towards cloud-based IoT and cyber physical systems and the social impact of these systems.

Use the following guidelines to structure your report. Assume the reader of your report does not have a clear understanding of any of the topics you discuss in your report. The length of the article should be about 2,500(+/ – 100) words. Therefore, include the following topics in your report.

a)      Define Distributed Systems including a system architecture.

b)     Define the terms scalability, replication, dependability, fault tolerance with metrics to measure, and security in relation to distributed systems.

c)      Describe the emergent Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Edge computing with some examples. Report should include system architecture including description of components in general, system characteristics, and the prominent use of these systems along with the social impact and perception in the general community.



Introduction should have a brief description of the topics of your discussion. This section should also introduce the organisation of the report, introducing each section of your report.

As the focus is on exposing your understanding of the theoretical aspects given above, pay attention to define and explain terms which you will be using to build your argument in the later sections. You can use the prescribed Textbook and other books or articles. Use diagrams as needed. The body containing topical sections as required. Include in-text referencing following Harvard referencing style.

Conclusion. You should write a conclusion that will conclude the topics discussed and any suggestion of further work in this area.


List the references using Harvard Author-date style.

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Assessment Submission  


You should submit one file Report.docx  to the  Moodle online submission system, by the due date:                         Assessment Item 3 Marking criteria   


S. No Total Marks – 35 Marks


Introduction: clear and concise introduction of topics and report contents.        3
         2 Definition of distributed system and clearly depicted system architecture        3


Definition of terms security, scalability, dependability and fault tolerance with some metrics to measure these attributes.        6
  Cyber Physical Systems  
          4 Definition with system architecture and components         3
          5 System characteristics         2
6 Prominent uses with two examples         2
7 Critique on Security, scalability and dependability issues.         4
8 Discuss edge computing and its importance in the emergent technologies.         4
9 Social impact on community with relevance to perception and privacy.         4
       10 Conclusion: clearly written conclusion reporting your findings. 2
          11 Organisation of the report with appropriate section heading, grammatically correct, well formatted and within the allocated word limit. 2
  Sub-total  35
  Late penalty -1.75 (5% per

Calendar day)

  Plagiarism As per policy
  Total  35


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