Based on the information given in the case study, draw a CPA diagram and in less than 50 words address the associated questions. In your diagram, identify the durations of each activity along with the earliest and latest start and finish times for each activity. You may draw the diagram ‘electronically’ or you may draw by hand and paste an image of the diagram into your WORD document. Note that there is no specific format for the document other than to present it neatly and professionally. No literary research is expected for this practical task but if a source is used, then it must be adequately referenced using the Harvard technique.

Case study details

You are an office manager for a telecommunications company. Your senior manager has informed you that the company will move to a new location as of Monday 2nd August and as office manager, has asked you to sort out the arrangements for your department. You have spent the evening thinking and planning how this might be done efficiently and have identified the necessary activities along with estimates of the task durations. Note that both company sites are closed on weekends.


  • Arrange an all-day meeting on Monday August 2nd with the staff members to inform them of the change of location. In agreement with the Trade Union, the company is obliged to deliver a full consultation event, meaning that no other action should be considered until the staff are made aware of the move.
  • Allow staff two days to clear their current office spaces and pack their miscellaneous belongings in preparation for the move.
  • At the same time, arrange the carpet fitters and decorators to prepare the new offices at the new location. This will take three days.
  • When the new offices are ready and the furniture and miscellaneous staff items are packed, arrange to transport these boxes to the new location. This will take a single day.
  • The following day, staff members will go to the new location. Allow them a full day to unpack and prepare their offices.
  • At the same time, the IT staff will install a new computer system. Two days are allocated to be sure of problem-free operations.
  • Finally, when all is done, deliver a ‘training day’ with the staff members to introduce them to the new communications and computer system. Normal operations of the firm will begin the following day.


Q1) At what date can the company restart normal operations? (5 marks)

Q2) Which ‘path’ is critical if the project is not to be extended? (10 marks)

Q3) Explain why CPA is considered to be a superior method to that of a GANTT chart. (5 marks)



CPA diagram – 70%

Response to questions – 20%

Presentation of document – 10%




General advice


  • All elements of the assessment are individual pieces of work and you are reminded of the ‘fit to sit’ policy described in the module on Unilearn.
  • You are reminded of the rules regarding plagiarism descried in the module on Unilearn and although in this assignment multiple submissions are permitted on Turnitin, be aware that there is a 24hr delay before the previous submission is overwritten.
  • Students from ALL institutions must submit the work electronically using the ‘Turnitin’ facility in Blackboard.
  • Referencing should be based on the Harvard system.
  • Attention should be paid to good presentation and clear writing throughout.