Applied Project Overview

Applied Project Overview 





Programme Directors 


* NB: For common project queries, please consult all guidance documentation, or attend one of the spring term Connections sessions.




The topic covered by your Applied Project report must broadly fit into one of the following categories:


  1. Quantitative Analysis/Applied Econometric o Financial Engineering o Investment Strategy o Macro Economics o Econometrics  o Corporate Finance
  2. Software Report
  3. Corporate Investment Report
  4. Accounting Report
  5. Financial Technology Report

The report should demonstrate a familiarity with relevant finance theories and demonstrate relevant competences.  Although not a piece of academic research, the report should carefully reference all sources.


You will be asked to submit your chosen topic and category to the Hub by 16:00 on Wednesday 28 April. We recommend that students choose whichever topic they feel best fits their project as this will be used as a guide when allocating markers.


Examples of reports from previous years can be found in the Project Examples folder on the Hub.




Presentation (10%) – 5 minute presentation per student

Final project (90%) – 3,000 words




You will work on the Applied Project over the Spring and Summer terms and the final project report must be submitted by 18 August 2021.


The Applied Project may involve an outside partner, such as a work placement sponsor or a prospective employer.  Students who gain approval to undertake a work-placed AP must submit their final reports by 3 September 2021.


In scope it is broadly equivalent to one elective and the work will be presented in a report of between 2,800 and 3,200 words.  Further details are available in the Applied Project Guidelines, which will be available on the Hub in due course.




If you are a student intending to start a work placement (internship) or a permanent position in July or August, you will first be required to submit details of your work placement to the programme team.  This is to gain formal approval for your work placement from your Programme Director, as you will be starting work before the official end of your MSc programme. This approval is especially important for students on a TIER 4 visa or those from EU/EEA who arrived to the UK after 1st January 2021.


Once approved, the work placement can be recognised as an integral part of the MSc programme by way of the Applied Project, and TIER 4/EU/EEA students would be permitted to work full-time during July and August 2021. The work placement must start on or before Monday 2nd August 2021.


Students will then automatically be transferred to the AP (Work Placement) module by the programmes team. This has a later final submission deadline than the standard Applied Project.


Further details on the above, together with a work-placement survey for students to submit their documentation, can be found in the Work Placement Approval Process document in the materials section of the Applied Project area on the Hub.




An extensive series of training sessions, on topics such as DataStream, RefWorks, Business Information for Projects, etc. will be provided by Library staff during the spring and summer terms to support students in researching and producing their Applied Project. There will be Applied Project presentation practice sessions provided by the Global Study Skills team in April/May 2021, with an opportunity to gain feedback on presenting style and effective communication.


The above training and workshops will be on a sign-up basis and details released to the Hub in Spring Term.


English Language support sessions will also be available for students whose first language is not English.


Unlike the research project, the applied project is unsupervised, and students should not be approaching faculty for advice on their project. However, an AP Teaching Assistant will be appointed at the start of the summer term to provide support for students.  The TA will hold a weekly office hour, in person, throughout the summer term and also online office hours each week, from the beginning of July until mid-August.