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Chapter 4 (page 68) of Booth and Mitchell’s book entitled “Planning a GIS project” looks at the process involved in preparing for GIS projects.

Booth and Mitchell lay out three steps.

Identify your objective where you decide what the problem is that you want to solve, understand who you are creating the products for – and how they will use them, what the requirements are for the data, and decide on final products.

Create a project database, where you design it, collect and convert data so that it is usable, and manage the database.

Analyze the data.

In this Discussion, discuss the importance of knowing who the end-consumer of GIS products and analysis is.  Why it is critical to know how they intend to use the products and analysis? Feel free to use real-world examples, use the course content, or bring in the threat scenario presented in Discussion 3.

(250 words)