Argumentative Essay

rgumentative Essay Description 150 Points Purpose: To critically organize and analyze research. To develop a proposition and support it with research. To practice writing an argumentative essay in support of a proposition. Argumentative Essay Description: For this assignment, you will use instructor feedback to select a final proposition and develop your research on the topic you selected for your topic paper. You will develop a claim in support of the proposition you developed and support that claim with your own research. The essay will be guided by discussions of case-writing and issue selection had in lecture and should reflect effective grounds, backing, and warrants for your argument. Your essay should be 4-5 full, double-spaced pages. Formal Requirements: The essay should be 4-5 typed, double-spaced pages; it should free of grammar, spelling, and writing errors. At the end of the document, you should include a reference page with a complete list of citations. Research Requirements: You should cite at least ten articles or books in your essay. Remember that all of your sources need to be qualified, scholastic or journalistic sources. All references should be in MLA, APA, or Chicago style. You must include a references page that includes a list of all cited material in the proper bibliographic format.Procedures: Select a current social controversy. Research the topic, developing a sense of the major arguments made from each perspective. Based on your research, develop a proposition that clearly states your position on the issue. Organize and analyze your research in such a way that it supports your proposition. Outline your argument, making certain that it contains all the parts necessary to effectively support your claim. Write your essay. Proofread and revise your essay. As you do this, pay careful attention for any problems with the logical progression of your argument.