Argumentative Paragraph

Task: You recently started at XYZ bank manager in Sydney and have noted that credit card fees have increased by $10 annually. However, customers have only been sent an online notification of this. You view this as unethical, and several customers have complained to you personally that they did not note the online communication. Critically analyse how you would use business communication theories to pacify the customers and to communicate your concerns to management. What tools and strategies will you use to present your point of view to your colleagues as well as the top management?


Presentation: Assignments are to be typed, 1.5 lines spacing, and 12-point font.

Students must use Academic Essay format.

Harvard referencing system,

The reference list is not included in the word limit.

Any references or content in the appendix will not be counted towards the word limit of 1500 words. Consult rubric online.











Essay type: The argumentative essay requires the writer to investigate topic; collect, generate and evaluate the evidence; establish a position on the topic in a concise manner. This essay type provides a clear and concise thesis statement narrowed to meet the assignment or essay guidelines in the intro paragraph. Include body paragraphs (limited to the discussion of one general idea) that include evidential support. Ensure that each paragraph in the body of the essay has some logical connection to the thesis statement. Explain differing points of view and conflicting opinions regarding the topic. Include well-researched, accurate, detailed and current evidential support (factual, logical, statistical or anecdotal), provide clear and logical transitions between the introduction, body and conclusion. Ensure that the conclusion readdresses the thesis in the light of the evidence provided. Academic Essay: Writing an academic essay means: -Putting a coherent set of ideas into an argument. -Usually present one idea at a time -Structured -Has clear Introduction and conclusion Key Lecture topics to include: -Ethics -Emotional intelligence -Effective communication