article:Linehan and O’Brien (2017) on Ethics, Emotions & HR

choose one question to answer below:
4. Can you think of some other jobs that are similar, where ‘difficult’ emotions, ‘emotional labour’ and ethical decision-making play a key part of the job?  Name 2 such jobs, and how and why ‘emotional labour’ and ethical decision-making are so central to that work.
5.  HRM decision-making can be understood by applying Critchley’s framework for ‘ethical experience’.  Take one of the examples described in the Linehan and O’Brien article, where an HR professional faced an ethical dilemma, and see if you can explain it using Critchley’s terminology:  ‘demands’, ‘approval’, ‘the good’ and ‘moral self’.
6.  Can you think of any examples of how HR professionals may be dealing with difficult emotions and ethical dilemmas during the COVID crisis?  Now consider this same conflict from another perspective (such as from the perspective of the employee, the line manager, the customer or shareholder, family members of the employee, etc.).