Article Review

Discussion Assignment 1: Topic Paper/Peer Reviewed Journal Article review instructions:

1. Download a copy of the  Sample Article Review

(click link to review).

2. Using the exact Sample Article Review format, write a review on 3 articles relating to your final research topic. Use the Library database or to find the 3 peer reviewed journal articles relating to your final research topic.

3. Post your 3 articles by clicking on the link directly above entitled week 2 Article review discussion  (one Peer Reviewed Journal Article review per discussion ). Due by Sunday 11:59pm

Please note: The articles you select for this assignment must be peer reviewed journal articles. (* Peer Reviewed Journal Articles contain a study conducted by the authors, and are usually 6 to 15 or more pages in length, with headings matching the headings in the sample article review). If you are unsure about the articles you’ve selected, please contact either the a library representative, or your instructor.

*Industry Magazines, eZines, .coms, Blog sites and wall street journal do not classify as peer reviewed journal articles for this assignment.

SafeAssign Check:

If you wish to submit your original post to SafeAssign, you first need to go to Article Review – SafeAssign Checks link on the left navigation panel or Getting Started> Article Review – SafeAssign Checks (Weeks 2 and 4). In this link, you have unlimited attempts to upload your original post, return to check your SafeAssign score, fix your post if needed, and resubmit the corrected document by selecting the Start New button.  Once you press Start New, you no longer have access to the previous posts or their SafeAssign scores.  So, save those if you need a record to refer to as you make further corrections.

After you have submitted your final version of the original post and you are satisfied with the SafeAssign score and your corrections, copy/paste that same version of the original post to the Article Review discussion forum so your classmates and instructor can read it, by following the next steps below.

Remember: When you are ready to place your post in the discussion forum and/or reply to other threads, select the Week 2 Article Review Discussion link just above.

Then, in the Week 2 Article Review Discussion, select Reply to add your response to the discussion questions.

Discussion Assignment 2 Created a 3-slide PowerPoint Presentaton:

Students will:

1.) present the rationale behind their final project selection, Identify the operations strategy,

2.) create a problem statement using one of the five strategies from the text, and

3.) project a forecast from literature on the future (3 slides tota