Article: Treasury Yields Fall After Consumer Price Data

Yields declined after the Labor Department said the consumer price index rose a seasonally adjusted 0.3% in August. U.S. government bond yields fell after data showed consumer prices cooled in August, easing invesors’ worries about runaway inflation.

Question 1: The 10-year Treasury note is used to set borrowing cost for what type of debt/assets?

Question 2: What does CPI measure? What was the CPI for August and what did economist expect?

Question 3: What caused interest rates to rise earlier this year and what level have 10-year Treasury Notes stabilized to, since June?

Question 4: How has gold performed recently and relative to last year? What does that mean about defensive stocks/assets? Why?

(Separate your response by question number)

B) Post a link of One article that supports One of your responses to the questions above and/or provides more insight on the subject discussed in the article.