Assessing External Candidates


Employee Value Proposition-Is it good enough?

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • Assess practical significance of application forms, bio-data, and reference checks. (1)
  • Design content valid situational and behavioral interviews (5)
  • Assess practical significance of various ability tests. (6)
  • Assess practical significance of integrity tests. (6)
  • Assess practical significance of work sample tests. (7)
  • Appraise strategies to limit adverse impact in the interview process. (1)
  • Evaluate personality testing (6)


Answer the following questions:

  1. Research a job position at your current organization, or an organization you prefer. Develop 2 behavioral and 2 situational questions for the interview. Include an anchored scoring system for all of the questions.
  2. In addition to the interview, you want to add another selection assessment to accompany the structured interview questions you designed. Select one, and give your recommendations, with support, for why it should be chosen above the others.


Submission Requirements

The submission should:

  • be 8 pages
  • include a title and reference page
  • follow APA 7th edition formatting
  • include 5 outside sources
    • Note: These should be primarily from professional, e.g. Harvard Business Review, and scholarly sources e.g. Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management, or Academy of Management Review