Assessment-2 BSS027-2 (Structure Outline: Recommended)



BSS027-2 (Structure Outline: Recommended)

1   Cover Page (must include Unit Code, Assessment Number and Student ID)
2   Executive Summary(Premise of the report plus overview of major findings)
3   Table of Contents
4   Business Report
  4.1 Introduction: Explain the purpose of the report, expand on the task set, give necessary background or contextual information, define key terms, explain the layout of the report.
  4.2 Overview of Current Operational Systems: Largely similar to section from Assessment-1 but we want to see more application of key concepts, do not just describe from the Case Study but organise and interpret the significance of the systems / processes in place – analytical rather than just descriptive.
  4.3 Reasoned Recommendations: Give strong justified recommendation for improving operational systems. This must NOT be simply taken from advertising copy or marketing material for your preferred choice. The recommendation MUST be strongly justified in terms of the existing systems (e.g. identify a problem and explain how your recommendation will fix it) and bring in critical literature review (e.g. bring in literature on ESP systems rather than just skype, etc.) to have a high-quality informed discussion.

You are making an argument here, which should be structured to highlight the strengths of your recommendation, with support from the wider literature (concepts such as ESP, ERP, asynchronous communication, etc. rather than specific products). You need to justify how it addresses the issues identified in the Case Study specifically rather than “improving communication” whereas discussing the major drawbacks, shortcomings or issues and mitigating how these can either be overcome or do not outweigh advantages.

  4.4 Project Plan: You should present your overall project plan for the recommendation – a short introduction describing how your project will be run, e.g. the overall time-frame and value proposition. You need to then discuss the scope management, risk management and budget of your project with a full-time management plan being strongly recommended. You can include the relevant documents in the appendices if you prefer but make sure they are explained and discussed fully in the main body. Make sure your project plan is supported by high-quality citations (e.g. the importance of risk management for schedule, the importance of controlling scope, etc.)
  4.5 Conclusion/Summary: Straightforward and concise summary of the major points from your three sections (4.2, 4.3, 4.4).
5   Reference List: Use appropriate references, mix of academic and non-academic sources, make sure they actually support argument rather just ones that appear to be credible.
6   Appendices (if applicable)

ü OPTIONAL: Appendix A – WBS, Network Diagram, and Critical Path

ü OPTIONAL: Appendix B – Risk Register / Risk Log

ü OPTIONAL: Appendix C – Project Budget


                                                              Dr Nasrullah Khilji

(Unit Coordinator