Assessment Task 3: Group Assignment

Assessment Task 3: Group Assignment



This assignment requires you to work in teams to produce a team video on one of the emerging issues/trends in accounting for sustainability. Teams will be assigned during the week 2 lecture and more information about the assignment will be provided at that time.


Your presentation must reflect your team’s ability to think beyond the box and must demonstrate critical thinking skills in solving real problems faced by organisations related to issues in sustainability accounting. You are encouraged to have fun and be creative in the way you present your findings.  Findings must be presented as a business presentation, and you will be assessed on your ability to apply accounting knowledge and concepts to propose how accounting can help in dealing with the topic on sustainability accounting issues that has been allotted to the team. You will also be assessed on your team’s problem-solving skills and advisory skills of providing advice to the businesses that are facing challenges in sustainability reporting.


A skills workshop in the week 2 lecture will provide more details on how to work in teams, resources that are available, and how to write a professional report.



Criterion Description Measures


1 Describe and explain the regulatory environment and theoretical principles underpinning accounting, and discuss national and international developments in financial reporting. LO1
2 Interpret and analyse the effect various accounting decisions might have for stakeholders. LO1
3 Examine accounting problems and apply Australian Accounting Standards & AASB Framework to practice making appropriate professional judgements. LO2
4 Prepare journal entries, general purpose financial statements and supporting calculations for accounting problems. LO2
5 Applying teamwork principles, work in diverse teams to solve routine accounting problems and apply a global, environmental, social and ethical lens to accounting issues. LO3
6 Demonstrate collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork when working towards team goals LO3
7 Plan and record progress, and provide feedback on self and peer performances. LO3
8 Communicate, using professional language and standards common to business professionals. LO3


9 Produce a formal report using a professional report structure and use Harvard referencing. LO3
Task Length TBA  
Due by date Week 10