Assessment4 Report-Business report


Report-Business report


Assessment 4: Report


1500 words (excluding contents page and list of references).



Due Date

To Be Announced Final submission time:11:30pm

Type of Collaboration

Individual assessment

Marking Criteria

Refer to Assessment 4 Rubric in Moodle.

A minimum overall mark of 50% must be achieved for this assessment. This

assessment is your final Assessment in lieu of a final examination.

Style and Format

This assessment builds on the skills developed in Assessment 3 and requires

students to incorporate feedback received on Assessment 3 into this report.

Structure of Assessment 41.


An overview of the paper

100 words

[The examiner will assess this section to see how well it introduces the

paper, and whether it highlights the central argument/findings]


Summary of the media article selected

150 words

[The examiner will assess this section to see how well it provides an

overview of the central points raised in the media article]


Summary/overview of the journal article selected

150 words

[The examiner will assess this section to see how well it provides an

overview of the main findings/contribution of the journal article, as it

associates with the media article]


Discussion of the theory/concept discussed in the lecture and its

application to the journal and media article used here, and its use to

illustrate and explain and issue or provide a solution

700 words

[This is the most important part of your paper. The examiner will

assess this section looking for strong and well-supported arguments.

The examiner will want to see how well you introduce and utilise the

6+ journal articles to create a strong argument to support or solve the

issues raised in the media article]


What valuable findings and discussion have you made using the media

article, the journal article and the theory/concept.

100 words

[The examiner will assess this section to see how well it summarises

the main points that you have raised – through argument – in your



Reflect on your how you have developed your work and your insight

based on the feedback that you received from Assessment 3.

300 words

[The examiner will assess this section to see how you have reflected on

your feedback, and how you have addressed any issues. You may also

use this reflection section to reflect on your experiences around the

issues and theories discussed in the paper]


You must correctly reference:

(i) the journal article you have selected and used,

(ii) the media article you have selected and used,

(iii) All other sources and materials you have used – at least 6 additional

academic journal articles are expected.

Assessment Submission

Online Via Moodle

This assessment has been set up to be checked by Turnitin, a tool which helps

you check whether you have referenced correctly. You can submit your

assessment task to Turnitin prior to the due date and Turnitin will give you an

originality report. You may then make any changes that may be required and

resubmit your final version by the due date.

Assessment Return

Qualitative (written and Quickmark comments) feedback via Moodle.

Release of final results.Detailed Information

Students will take one academic journal article from the list provided

by the Lecturer – this will be made available by week 6.

Students will also select one media article from a daily newspaper from

the list provided by the Lecturer – this will be made available by week

Students will apply content (theories, etc) from the main academic

article to comment on and evaluate the issues discussed in the media

article. In doing this and creating a central argument, students will

draw support for their argument from an additional 5 (or more) journal

articles. The additional articles are used to support the arguments

made. These journal articles are not included in the report in a

summary form (i.e. in section 3).

Students must also reflect (with a reflection component) on the

feedback they received for Assessment 3, discuss how they felt about

this and how this influenced their approach to Assessment 4.

1500 words.

Due date is: Week 11 (Wednesday, 21 April 2021 at 11:30pm)

Marking Criteria: see the marking rubric on Moodle.

This assessment builds on student learning and work in previous assessments.

More specifically, it builds on the work completed in Assessment 3 and the

feedback received for Assessment 3. To complete this part of the assessment:

Download (from Moodle), read and understand the Assessment 4


Download (from Moodle) read and understand the Assessment 4


Build on the written critical analysis completed in Assessment 3

Write a reflection on (i) your key learnings from Assessment 3; and (ii)

how you have incorporated feedback received from your lecturer for

Assessment 3 into your final submission of Assessment 4.

Submit the report to Turnitin via the subject Moodle site.

Please submit only a Word version (.doc. or .docx) of your assignment

to Turnitin. PDFs or other formats will not be marked.

All in-text citations and references are to be written using the Harvard

Referencing System. Make sure your reference list is formatted in

alphabetical order of authors’ last names. For more information on the

Harvard Referencing System, refer to the UOW Referencing Guide

available on the UOW Library website at:

The report should be 1.5 line spaced and presented on A4 paper with

margins of 2.5 cm. on all sides. Use Times New Roman 12-point font.


For further detailed information and the report template for this

assessment please refer to the Assessment 4 Resources folder in


All students in this subject should be aware that assessment tasks may

be randomly audited for originality in addition to information provided

in the Turnitin report. This may include requiring students to attend an

interview to discuss their submissions with teaching staff prior to the

release of assessment task and final subject grades.

The tutorial activities for this subject are designed to support students