Assignment 3: Case Analysis

Assignment 3: Case Analysis

  1. Choose 1 multinational company for your group
  2. Strategy Formulation

 Highlight your SWOT Matrix

 Show and explain the SPACE Matrix and focus on the implications. Strategies must be specific

 Develop a BCG Matrix and focus on the implications  Show and highlight your Internal – External (IE) Matrix

 Show and highlight your Grand Strategic Planning Matrix. – Explain your strategies

 Show your quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix

 Present your recommended strategies

 10 recommended strategies and estimated costs

 Divide into 1. Existing Strategies to be continued

 2. New Strategies to be started

Case Analysis

  1. Strategy Implementation

 Show and highlight your earnings per share before interest and taxes (EPS/EBIT) analysis to reveal whether stock, debt, or a combination is best to finance your recommendations. Graph the analysis

 Show your projected income statement and balance sheet. Relate the changes in the items to your recommendations.

 Show your projected financial ratios and highlight several key ratios to show the benefits of your strategic plan

Strategy Evaluation

  1. Prepare a Balance Scorecard to show your expected financial and non-financial objectives recommended for the firm
  2. Conclusion

Compare and contrast your strategic plan versus the company’s own plan for the future.