Assignment 4A And 4B: Tobacco, Alcohol And Substance Use–Article Critique

Article Critique Questions

1. What is the source (journal) of this article? Please provide the citation here in proper APA format.

2. What was the research question/purpose of the article? Specifically, which health behavior does the intervention in the article address?

3. Describe the sample and study population of this intervention study.

4. What were the objectives of the intervention? Were they SMART? Why or why not?

5. Who were the key stakeholders in this intervention? Did the authors describe how they identified these stakeholders and how they went about building partnerships with stakeholders prior to the intervention? If so, please describe the process they used.

6. Did the authors describe how they completed a needs assessment prior to planning the intervention? If so, please describe the process they used.

7. Briefly describe the intervention. Here, also discuss which levels of the socio-ecological model the authors addressed in their intervention.

8. Did the authors describe how they planned the intervention? Did they use any specific planning model—if so, which one(s)?

9. Did the authors describe how they evaluated the intervention? If so, what type of evaluations did they conduct?

10. In the methods, how was the health behavior defined/measured as a variable? (e.g. smoking being defined as 0 cigarettes smoked versus ≥ 1 cigarettes smoked). Do you think this was a valid way to measure the health behavior? Why or why not?

11. Which statistical methods were used to analyze the data?

12. What were the main findings of the intervention? Did it succeed?

13. If the authors conducted this intervention in a RURAL location, would they need to change their intervention in any way? If so, how so?

14. What were some strengths and limitations of this intervention?