If you search the term task analysis on the Internet, you will get over 800,000 hits giving directions on how to conduct a task analysis as well as examples with a multitude of both physical and cognitive behaviors. Task analysis involves taking a complex skill and breaking it down into its competent parts so you end up with a sequentially ordered list of steps or tasks making up the complex skill.
With this in mind, you will conduct a task analysis on completing this Assignment. You might wonder why this Assignment was designed this way. The answer is because task analysis has been demonstrated to be an effective way to teach complex skills. There are literally thousands of unique skills on which you could conduct a task analysis. However, whether you are doing a task analysis on this Assignment or tying a shoe with a child with an intellectual disability, it always needs to be personalized for the individual.
To prepare:
Review the readings and weekly video introduction to gain an understanding of conducting a task analysis.
Search the Internet to find examples of task analyses on which you can model your Assignment.
Examine the steps you take to complete your weekly Discussions and Assignments.
Develop a task analysis (minimum of 10 steps) on completing this Assignment.