Assignment – New Venture Business Plan








                                         Assignment   – New  Venture                Business Plan








Your task is to prepare a business plan that outlines a new entrepreneurial venture. The plan should cover the idea, its development, launch, and the first 12 months of operation.


A business plan is a practical piece of work written in a report format (using headings and numbers to structure sections).  It should be noted that there is no set formula for constructing your business plan as each business plan is unique depending on the nature of the idea/nature of the data collected. However, as a general guide, these are the headings you may use to structure the plan:


1.           Executive summary

2.           Business description (including product/service description and business model) 3. The Market (including market research results, prototyping, and marketing plan)

4.  People and Operations

5.  Finances, assumptions and risk analysis

6.  Reflection on viability and further growth opportunities


You are however encouraged to be creative and to deviate from these headings where appropriate.


Note: the plan should contain the following artefacts: Name, logo and strapline for the business; market research results (including prototyping); a business model; a marketing plan; a cash flow forecast; pictures of the product/service/prototype; plus any further artefact which you feel add to the credibility of your new venture idea. These artefacts should be presented in the main body of the report. Where they are long / complicated you can put them in the appendix but make sure you present a simplified version in the main body of the report to be marked.



Assignments should be a maximum of 3,000 words in length. 


All coursework assignments that contribute to the assessment of a module are subject to a word limit, as specified in the online module handbook in the relevant module area of the

               MINERVA. The word limit is an extremely important aspect of good academic practice,

and must be adhered to. Unless stated specifically otherwise in the relevant module handbook, the word count includes EVERYTHING (i.e. all text in the main body of the assignment including summaries, subtitles, contents pages, tables, supportive material whether in footnotes or in-text references) except the main title, reference list and/or

bibliography and any appendices. It is not acceptable to present matters of substance, which       should be included in the main body of the text, in the appendices (“appendix abuse”). It is   not acceptable to attempt to hide words in graphs and diagrams; only text which is strictly           necessary should be included in graphs and diagrams.


      You are required to adhere to the word limit specified and state an accurate word cothe cover page of your assignment brief. Your declared word count must be accurate, and unt on

should not mislead. Making a fraudulent statement concerning the work submitted for

assessment could be considered academic malpractice and investigated as such. If the

amount of work submitted is higher than that specified by the word limit or that declared on        your word count, this may be reflected in the mark awarded and noted through individual   feedback given to you.              The deadline date for this assignment is 12 noon on Thursday 29th April 2021. 


An electronic copy of the assignment must be submitted to the Assignment Submission area   within the module resource on the Blackboard MINERVA website no later than 12 noon prompt   on the deadline date.

         Faxed, emailed or hard copies of the assignment will not be accepted.





       Please ensure that you leave sufficient time to complete the online submission process, as

upload times can vary. Accessing the submission link before the deadline does NOT      constitute completion of submission. You MUST click the ‘CONFIRM’ button before 12 noon    for your assignment to be classed as submitted on time, if not you will need to submit to the   Late Area and your assignment will be marked as late. It is your responsibility to ensure you   upload the correct file to the MINERVA, and that it has uploaded successfully.           It is important that any file submitted follows the conventions stated below:



The name of the file that you upload must be your student ID only.

                     ASSIGNMENT TITLE

  During the submission process the system will ask you to enter the title of your submission.   This should also be your student ID only.






                    STUDENT NAME

You should NOT include your name anywhere on your assignment.





Criteria Distinction Merit Pass Fail
Presentation Well-structured and logical. Information communicated clearly and effectively.


You provided a clear, compellingly presented submission that

fully met the submission requirements.


Your work was presented well in

relation to

formatting, grammar and/or citations but elements could be improved to enhance the overall impact of your work

Your work was presented to an acceptable standard


you need to look carefully at improving aspects of

formatting, grammar and/or

citations to give your work more impact

You have not communicated the information in your

work to the required standard and you should look again at how you present your work in terms of formatting,

grammar and/or citations

Knowledge &

Understanding Evidence of understanding

of relevant concepts and models. Use of appropriate primary and secondary data.

You clearly utilised

knowledge and concepts/models to inform your work and contextualise it in a manner which enhanced your discussion. Insightful use of primary and secondary data.

You clearly applied relevant concepts/models. Effective use of primary and secondary data. You could consider


this further to inform your discussion and enhance your argument

You showed evidence of concepts/models to support your findings to an acceptable standard, and adequate use was made of primary and secondary data. You have not engaged in the assignment requirements to the required standard and you should reconsider your approach to engaging in the subject matter
Critical thinking, analysis and evaluation Evidence of

critical thinking and analysis of your idea  and future development opportunities.

You provided insightful critical thinking, analysis and evaluation on your idea, and future development opportunities.


You provided clear critical thinking, analysis and evaluation of your idea and future development opportunities. You could further consider additional theoretical support. You engaged in acceptable critical thinking and evaluation of your idea and future development opportunities but did

not clearly critically analyse or evaluate on this occasion. You could improve

this by fully engaging in critical thinking, analysis and well-supported  discussion.

You did not explain or report on your idea to the required standard. You should ensure that you take care to meet the assignment requirements in future.