Assignment Remit


Assignment Remit


Programme Title UG Business Management
Module Title Services and Retail Strategy
Module Code 07 32265
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Level Intermediate
Weighting 60%
Lecturers Inci Toral and Weiyue (Jimmy) Wang
Hand Out Date 01/02/2021
Due Date & Time 19/05/2021 12pm
Feedback Post Date 10/06/2021
Assignment Format Essay
Assignment Length 2500 words
Submission Format   Online Individual



On 13th November 2020, our University contributed to the ESRC Social Science Festival through a panel debate: “Retail in a post COVID world: reflections and future directions:

COVID-19 was the catalyst for many retailers closing down and has accelerated the consumer adoption of online shopping. As we move towards a “New Normal” with “Social Distancing” enabled by new technologies; it is essential to discuss what this will mean for the consumer and the retail services sector. ”

How do we define the “New Normal” in the services and retail sector? Critically evaluate the impacts of the recent developments faced by the retailers and services sector and explain how the new services and retail industry will look like in the post covid19 world.

You need to justify your arguments with the appropriate services and retail theories cited in the body of your essay and added as a list of bibliography. You need to use at least 12 academic articles.

Module Learning Outcomes:

In this assessment the following learning outcomes will be covered:

LO 1. Identify the alternative approaches to developing successful marketing in service organisations and critically analyse these approaches

LO 2. Evaluate the influence of place on buyer behaviour and the customer experience

LO 3. Recognise the complex relationships with both customers and suppliers

LO 4.Understand current logistical issues

LO 5. Analyse the possible problems encountered by service and retail organisations and demonstrate solutions and opportunities


Grading Criteria:

Individual Assessment Criteria (please click)

Feedback to Students:

Both Summative and Formative feedback is given to encourage students to reflect on their learning that feed forward into following assessment tasks. The preparation for all assessment tasks will be supported by formative feedback within the tutorials/seminars. Written feedback is provided as appropriate.  Please be aware to use the browser and not the Canvas App as you may not be able to view all comments.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand correct referencing practices. You are expected to use appropriate references and keep carefully detailed notes of all your information sources, including any material downloaded from the Internet. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not vulnerable to any alleged breaches of the assessment regulations. More information is available at https://intranet.birmingh