Audience Analysis

– Audience Analysis: I need to revise the Audience Analysis you have done before based on the comment from the professor. I think you can revise the format to answer the questions in the prompt based on the original.

I uploaded the original file, the prompt, and the comment.

– Writing to Reflect: In about 100 words, reflect on the ratings that you’ve received on your comments for the last few peer reviews in Eli Review. Describe your ratings. Are you satisfied by the ratings? What kind of trend do you notice from the beginning of this course? Where do you need to focus on to improve your ratings for the next peer reviews?

I uploaded a screenshot of the ratings for my comments. Originally, I’m supposed to receive this from two peers, but one has not completed this yet, so I uploaded only the rating of one person.

– Evidence in the Final Report:

POST: Share with your peers the evidence that you will use in your report. Why does it make sense to use this evidence for the problem you’re analyzing and for your audience? How will you make some of this evidence visual? What kind of visuals will you use? Why? 100-150 words

RESPONSES: Respond to 2 peers, giving them some more ideas about how to make their evidence visual in their report.

Since no one posts yet, we can respond later.