Australia and the World Economy – Group Project

Task: In groups of three or four (maximum) students will choose an international economic topic to analyse through general research and comparison of existing data and statistical information, especially charts and graphs. The research will discover the geographical contexts of the topic, their spatial relations, e.g. international and/or transnational, and potential local and global impacts. Possible topic choices will be workshopped in Week 7 and approved by the tutor for suitability.

The assessment has two interrelated components, written text and data comparison, in which the text provides context and significance of the topic and analyses the data comparison. The written text will be 1500–2000 words in length and the data analysis will present a three charts or graphs per student

(a group of three will have a minimum of 9 charts or graphs). The reference list will include all materials cited, including the data sources. Assessment will be based on quality of the work as demonstrated by selection of topic and selection of data and their coherence, and synthesis of findings in addition to visual clarity. See the A2 Assessment Brief for detailed discussion and potential topics.

Length: 1500–2000 words, not including references or data text.
Due: Week 11
Criteria linkages: Criteria                                                           Weight (%)              SLOs                          CILOs

Justification of topic choice                                  30                         a                                3.1

Depth of analysis                                                 40                         b                                2.1

Relevance, clarity, rigour, and dramatic             30                         d                                5.2

significance of the presentation of data

SLOs: subject learning objectives

CILOs: course intended learning outcomes

Further Discussion to support selection of topics, including a variety of examples, appears in the Assessment
information: Information section of UTSOnline. This assignment will be discussed during lectures in Weeks 2 and