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DSM-5 Trauma

To prepare: Read the DSM-5 section on trauma and stressor-related disorders and review the Learning Resources on PTSD, disaster response, and trauma. Then search the literature for studies related to an evidence-based intervention used to treat those suffering from trauma and stressor-related issues. Specifically, locate the following: One study on treating symptoms resulting from a […]

PS 3

Doors  and door frames are designed to play a key role in protecting  organizations, facilities and employees against cyber-threat,  cyber-attack, data breach and minimizing property damage during fire  hazard. Provide  a comprehensive narrative on the importance of doors and door frames  for organizations threatened with cyber-threat and cyber-attack. Describe  or provide all-inclusive narrative on the […]

Essay 14 Questions

  read  essay 14 (page 225- p 238) ​Please answer the following question: Why do you think this myth that some cultures simply value education more than others has persisted, despite evidence to the contrary? Answers should be ~200 words or so.

instructional Strategies

””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’ The graphic organizer for this task has been completed but I want   to add the updated  lesson plan to it Just  adding an updated  lesson plan to the completed copy Check the message  at the bottom of this page Confirm how many hours you need to add the lesson plan *************** Instructional Strategies Code_SE00190070020204DMAA Details […]

Digital narrative for ETST

  What are the immigration struggles Chicanx/Latinx communities face today?(Mainly talk about education struggle) Digital stories should be 500 words long and include 12-15 images(these images should be found in the 5 sources). Just need the Script. The 500 words will be a “script” that corresponds to your question. Need five academic sources that inform […]

Homework Answers Login Not a Member? Sign up! THE IMPACT OF ECONOMIC POLICY ON THE MARKET

Starting in 2008, the United States experienced the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression. To combat rising unemployment, negative economic growth, and deflation, among other problems, the U.S. government employed instruments/policies from both the fiscal and monetary toolkits. Write an essay 1,250-1500 words regarding the impact of economic policy on the market. Address the following: […]

Planning a Needs Assessment II

One of the many reasons social workers conduct needs assessment is to provide support for new programs. Social workers have many methods available to collect necessary data for a needs assessment. Social workers can use existing data from a wide range of sources, including local and national reports by government and nonprofit agencies, as well […]

Benchmark Policy Brief

The benchmark assesses the following competencies: 1.4 Participate in health care policy development to influence nursing practice and health care. Research public health issues on the “Climate Change” or “Topics and Issues” pages of the American Public Health Association (APHA) website. Investigate a public health issue related to an environmental issue within the U.S. health […]

emotional intelligence

Student name: This is an individual activity; it is not group work. Students are expected to complete their own work. Emotional Intelligence: Review the resources in this week’s Brightspace module on EI (two videos, two articles). Answer the following questions. Be sure your answers demonstrate synthesis of the posted resources. 1. In your own words, […]