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Question 1 is a brief fact pattern which will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to apply the rules of contract law: formation, defense to formation, performance, breach and damages. Question 2 is a brief fact pattern which will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to apply the rules of business […]

Case Study,

The purpose of this assignment is for you to: Develop and write a case study based on one of four mental health disorders Complete a Mental Status Exam (MSE)/Mental Status Checklist (textbook version of MSE) Complete a narrative summation of the Mental Status Checklist Locate various samples of the MSE by completing an internet search […]

Human Resource Management

This is a REQUIRED assignment and is DUE by the date indicated in the Calendar of Activities. Directions This assignment is structured to evidence your personal resourcefulness. Locating a mental health agency to visit is a major component of the assignment. To complete this assignment, you are going to do the legwork to find a […]


 Write a page answering the questions below in APA format include intext citation. what are some of the significant challenges that resource managers face when such managers or team members are required to multitask? How might resource managers better control resources when faced with simultaneous projects? Identify some of the differences between common cause variation […]


Topic: Utilizing the below link, discuss the areas of employee safety that are most important to you. Do you feel the organization has the same concerns as you? Why?  https://www.pcg-services.com/human-resource-risk-management-increases-productivity/  PowerPoint presentations requirement:  · 40 slides of PowerPoint presentation not including the cover slide and the reference slide. · Every slide needs to include 100 words in the Notes […]


Topic 1: Discuss the following statement: “Health care costs are out of control in the United States, and increasing conflicts between employers and employees are likely as employers try to reduce their health benefits costs. Topic 2: What should be included in disaster planning for a large employer in Annapolis, Maryland, that is concerned about […]


Instructions The project assignment provides a forum for analyzing and evaluating relevant topics for this week on the basis of the course competencies covered. Introduction: In the project for week three, you developed a plan to link the performance management system with an organization’s strategic goals. Now, it is time to evaluate the following concepts: […]


Before you begin your Assignment, watch a brief video introduction. Instructions: Write a short (500 words or fewer) memo to the board of trustees that describes why you believe the organization should triple its investment in training and development this year. Requirements: Memo describes how the healthcare organization can use training and development to improve employee […]


Evaluate the effectiveness of both team-based performance management and individual-based performance management. Suggest three pros and three cons of each type of management. Justify your response. Next, choose three of the best practices for addressing the facets of team-based performance management. Recommend a strategy for your current or past organization to incorporate the identified practices. […]


Employee Development and Performance Scenario Continuing from the Strategy, Planning, and Selection assignment, you were selected as the new HR director for the retail company and now have been in the position for approximately six months. Your approach to strategy, planning, and selection have been quite successful thus far, and now it is time to […]