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POL6004 Assignment 2: the task and some guidance

POL6004 Assignment 2: the task and some guidance   A number of you have asked for some more guidance on the second assignment for POL6004. The instructions for the assignment (repeated below) are available in the module handbook, which you can find on the module Blackboard page.   Assignment 2: Essay (1800 words) In this […]

Comparative Business and Management 2020/21 – Coursework Assignment Brief –

    Comparative Business and Management 2020/21 – Coursework Assignment Brief –     Assignment Instructions:     Word count (if applicable) 2,500 Weighting 50% File Format MS Word Style APA (American Psychological Association)    PLEASE NOTE: ‘hypothetical’ market-entry   Assignment Question:   You will be assigned two multinational enterprises from the Forbes Global 2000 […]

involve research, film analysis and critical discussion

Assessment & Feedback The assessment for the module is one 4,000 word essay. The essay must involve research, film analysis and critical discussion   QUESTION “Can documentary deal seriously with history?” (Alan Rosenthal, New Challenges for Documentary, p.426). Respond to this question, and the issues it engages with, with reference to ONE or TWO documentaries.   […]

TFIN 603 Corporate Finance Group work

                               GROUP ASSIGNMENT Unit:   TFIN 603 Corporate Finance  Total Marks:   20 marks of the Unit Instructions: State and justify all your assumptions 2. This Group Assignment contains two parts: Part 1 (80%) is the work done in Excel. The instructions for the Excel work are found in Part 1 […]


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 8 in the assigned text and refer to Mental Disorders (Links to an external site.). Select any specific mental illness from Chapter 8 of your text. Summarize the mental illness into a paragraph. Research the possible causes of the illness, who is at risk, the symptoms, and some of […]

Financial Freedom And Reparations In The Black Community

Select one of the following topics that have impacted our culture either locally/nationally/internationally: The Role That Gender, Race, and Age Play In the Political Landscape Financial Freedom and Reparations in the Black Community The Importance of HBCUs in the 21st Century Gender Neutral: The New Normal Who Am I?: Impact that Colorism Has on Social […]

Discussion: Remaining Compassionate And Professional

As a social worker, you interact with individuals who are at various stages of change in their lives. This may become frustrating for you when clients are struggling to achieve their goals. Thus, it is important for you to develop strategies to process your experiences so that you can maintain your compassion and professionalism. As […]

Counseling Special Populations

1. Cultural Subgroup Presentations. Due weeks 11-14 You will focus on two or more cultural subgroups for more in-depth study (selecting from chapters 14-21 from your text), throughout the semester. These groups must be any ethnic or racial minority group different from your own(I am African American). I would like to focus on Counseling Arab Americans/Muslim […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Group Settings Versus Family Settings 1. Write a detail explanation of how the use of CBT in groups compares to its use in family settings. 2. Provide specific examples for practicum experiences. 3. explain at least two challenges counselors might encounter when using CBT in the group setting and family settings 4. Support your response […]

Comparing Mental Health And Behavioral Health Disorders

Choose one mental health disorder and one behavioral health disorder, one or both being related to substance abuse. Write a 1,000-1,250-word paper in which you compare and contrast each disorder. Your paper must include the following: A summary of each disorder A visual such as a table or chart that compares and contrasts the symptoms […]